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ChurchWorks Mission Statement

The goal of ChurchWorks Design Line is driven by a very simple idea - maximizing opportunities for expanded ministry in order to welcome all who desire or hunger for this journey of faith in their lives. It is more than a discussion about a particular building or arrangement of buildings. It is intended to be an interactive discussion with churches that aspire to be successful centers of community life. In doing so, ChurchWorks hopes to encourage and facilitate church development as impactful platforms for ministry and community outreach. Today, successful churches are pursuing a wide range of ministries that respond to the spiritual, physical and mental health of individuals and families. The challenges and fiduciary responsibilities are real. A development framework is essential. For the church, the need to grow organically, within the realities of economic and operational constraints and the need to project a vision that stirs the hearts and minds of its members are paramount. It is a process that requires creativity, collective energy, teamwork, sharpened management and organizational skills, faith and the determination to make things better. To do it right, the church will have to step out of the box it sometimes inhabits. What does "community" mean to the church. People, families, individuals are on the go. Many of us have very programmed fast-paced lifestyles. Whether we are working or at play, the historic institutions that fostered community are not there as they were. The mom & pop corner store, the friendly bank, the small school, the local gas station, the safe street has often disappeared. A sense of community is what people want. Many churches are responding by embracing a powerful and broad range of ministries that serve communities. Successful churches clearly understand the value of community. It is what they offer. They are reaching out to the un-churched, addressing issues that affect people's real lives and offering a wide range of relevant services provided in a friendly community environment. In doing so, churches are building environments that are sometimes secular and more familiar to people. Such places as malls, specialty stores, food-courts, themed restaurants, coffee houses, theaters, sports parks and family centers, to name a few, may provide not only expanded ministry opportunities, but suggest special environmental settings and qualities that may be appropriately transposed into the fabric and development framework of a church community. In addition to these built environments, their associated technologies, operational practices and services suggest ideas and practices that may be helpful to churches seeking to expand outreach. ChurchWorks Design Line will explore various ideas and development models that foster friendlier and more inviting community environments. If you have any ideas to share or a specific question or topic you wish to be addressed ask ChurchWorks Architect, David Price.

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